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Research Marketplace
Research Marketplace
Join our database and marketplace to access easy-to-understand content and connect with other community members and experts all over the world.
Trading Exchange
Trading Exchange
Trade only assets audited and evaluated by our research team and pay little-to-no fees while being active, inviting friends and using our tokens.
B2B Platform
B2B Platform
We help business and startups with product testing, auditing and benchmarking services as well as smart contract creation and deployment.
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Otcrit is a B2B platform, research marketplace, and cryptocurrency trading exchange. The project offers traditional and over-the-counter trading while giving its users access to in-depth expert analyses and reports about various blockchain projects and helping other businesses in their development.

The trading platform Otcrit Ex will have no listing fees but will only allow digital assets issued by companies with solid teams and active development. Traders will have 3 ways to pay fewer-to-no fees while trading. They will also have access to valuable information that will help them make better decisions. Users on the platform can grow their reputation and high rating as they publish "community reports" and translate content that will let them earn more tokens.

Otcrit is setting new standards in the crypto-economy, offering a complete set of services, making this community more informed and educated.
The ultimate purpose of our reports is to inform and educate the community of traders and investors on subjects that are crucial before making an investment decision. These reports will provide them with summarized information about many blockchain projects. In addition, our reports will offer numerous third-party opinions on the companies’ services and products to enable the readers determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Otcrit will issue different reports and analyses regularly in many categories, like company assessment reports, community-based reports, technical analyses and more. These works will be prepared by people with experience in different fields who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

Our team will constantly strive to update the information we provide, and we will publish content not only in English but also in Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German and many other languages
We offer various types of services not only for the crypto-community but also for startup and other businesses in this space. One of the many B2B use cases of the Otcrit platform will be product testing. It is one of the most important things in marketing research and it brings a great value to businesses that choose to perform it and stay ahead of competitors. Our company will also assist startups in smart contract deployment and auditing as it is crucial for a successful initial coin offering.

Another key service we will offer is benchmarking. In this highly competitive market, gaining critical levels of insight is the key element for any long-lasting successful business. This would help organizations expand their reach, improve their standards, and identify aspects on which they must improve. Read more here.
We feel a great responsibility to all of our customers and the community in the crypto-space. Because of this, the Otcrit Ex will only list prominent projects that have been analyzed in great detail by our experts and partners. Our main purpose is to make sure we have allowed only those assets on the exchange, which could survive a possible market crash, have value, and will recover if necessary.

They must be backed by actual products or services, which have been adopted by a large enough customer base. Speculative tokens and coins will most likely disappear once the "gambling period" of crypto is over and many people around the world could face serious losses once that occurs.

The process of permitting an asset on the exchange will include writing extended reports about their development, business plan, execution, and direct connection, contact, and interviews with their team and founders.
The OTC token will be extensively used in our eco-system. It will be possible for the creators of crypto-assets to pay with it for their smart contract audits, deployment, benchmarking services, product testing and more of our services available on the platform.

Our customers and visitors can enjoy a lot of free content but also buy single analytical reports or pay for our weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions with a discount through our token. Community authors of reports and analyses on the platform who have high rating can sell their own reports for OTC tokens and use them to promote their work on the platform for example.

All OTC token holders will be rewarded with 10% of the collected digital assets from the trading fees, services we offer, and reports and subscription sales. This process will be automatic, and anyone with tokens in their ERC20 wallet will receive these rewards except for our team. Join our pre-sale to get your OTC tokens early.
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Trade only top digital assets
Trade the best digital assets on the market researched and evaluated by our team that have real adoption potential and long-term value.
Create relevant content and get rewarded
Users can request or publish their own content on the platform, hire experts, and even translate existing works and earn tokens in the process.
Access objective and detailed information
Living in the digital era means we are surrounded by a lot of information but in trading and investing this information needs to be exact.