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Development History
06 May 2018
Fixed bug with the pictures in some of the reports.
05 May 2018
Change of the color on the reports' language tag. Improved fonts for the reports, navigation bugs and changes. Minor bugs and page alignments fixed. Backend improvements: links system, fiat currencies, favorites bug. Some minor design changes.
02 May 2018
New footer, development progress page, log, and guidelines page.
01 May 2018
Completed the Events page. Minor bugs fixed with the google maps and page alignment.
25 April 2018
Events page design bugs fixed. Map issues fixed, the custom date fixed. Added counter of views on the events.
25 April 2018
Fixed bug with the alignment of the request page.
28 April 2018
Users on mobile can now make the report's font smaller or bigger with a click of a button.
27 April 2018
Minor bugs fixed. Night mode added on mobile. New font type and size for all reports. The margin on the reports page was improved, as well as the way the text reacts on different screen resolutions.